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At Glo we believe in TEAM LEADERSHIP - drawing on the passions, giftings and accountability that TEAM facilitates. Each member of our TEAM strengthens and supports the others in order to serve the Church effectively and pursue OUR VISION! 


As well as our leadership team we also have a committed group of wider leaders who take responsibility for a number of things within the life of the Church. At Glo we encourage all who are part of family to lead from where they are... everybody has a part to play.


Find out about OUR TEAM here!



Toby Chant

Toby leads the Glo Torbay Team and is founding director of Love Sports Project CIC; he is also employed by Scripture Union - supporting others to reach out to children and young people with the good news of Jesus across the South West.

Rachel Chant

Rachel takes a lead on our teaching programmes and loves helping others to find truth that transforms. Married to Toby and Mum to 3, Rachel also finds time to run a Sing 'n' Sign franchise, helping little ones with early communication.

Chris Anderson

Chris is a Business Coach and great listener which causes him to work with a lot of interesting people - equipping, enabling and encouraging them to unlock their potential. At Glo Chris oversees the congregation and shapes our pastoral share culture.  

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