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Our Vision is really simple and comes from 2 things - The MESSAGE of JESUS and the MISSION of JESUS:

1. To see the KINGDOM of HEAVEN further established and revealed in Torbay and beyond

THE MESSAGE that Jesus articulated and embodied was that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand - this is the announcement that all righteousness, peace and joy is available now and eternally. The goodness, love and freedom that we may call salvation can be a reality now! We believe that Jesus is the key to experiencing that reality and that the church has a mandate to establishing God's ways and kingdom on earth.

2. To be DISCIPLES of JESUS who make disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples...

THE COMMISSION that Jesus entrusted his disciples with was to go and make disciples of all nations! This was not to start a new religion, but to liberate individuals, cities and cultures with the announcement of this new Kingdom and a blueprint of how to live it! A Disciple is a follower committed to the wisdom and ways of their teacher, whose primary calling is to be like their teacher and who's life will undeniably demonstrate the values of the teacher. Jesus is our teacher!




We are a community of faith committed to offering our whole existence as a living expression of WORSHIP. 


Jesus teaches that real WORSHIP is done in spirit and in turth - not because we 'should' but because as we get to know HIM more, everything within us wants to express the goodness and grace of God.


All of us are created for INTIMACY... INTIMACY with God and INTIMACY with eachother.


At Glo we are fueled by a profound, authentic and deep relationship with God - pursuing him as he pursues us. 


In a world where loneliness is an epidemic and vulnerability is seen as weakness, we are also committed to profound, authentic and deep relationships with people.    


Being GENEROUS is the key to being free from the LOVE of material stuff and free from the FEAR of not having enough.


GENEROSITY enables us to be creative, extravagant and courageous conduits of the KINGDOM of HEAVEN here on EARTH. 


OUR PROJECTS and IDEAS are a gift to our community - GENEROUSLY investing the ideas in our head and the passion in our hearts to enrich the lives of individuals, families and communities.  

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